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My name is Allison Antram. 
I’m primarily a writer, and
I lead communication with creativity, strategy, and heart.
My goal is to leverage the power of language to promote empathy and cultivate beauty.

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About Me

My creative interests began with hoping to be an artist, evolving to creating “newspapers” for my family,

and eventually maturing into my gifts, knowing writing was at the core. Wherever else I may dabble, writing is what flows out of me. Words have the power to enamor, inspire and compel when used well, and that is the effort I pursue each time my fingers hit a keyboard or wrap around a pen. I also aspire to work that is thought-provoking and conversational; I believe empathy is at the core of what our world needs, and I hope anyone who reads my writing is willing and open to learn that art with me.


Writing aside, I am a nerd for journalism and a snob

for coffee. Coziness is a high value of mine, as is talking to strangers and creating seasonal Spotify playlists.

I relish little delights like wildflower bouquets and eating breakfast with friends. My roots are in Northeast Ohio, but I currently reside in a tiny apartment in downtown Lexington, Kentucky.


Bless you for reading all this. I would love to get to

know you! Please subscribe to my email newsletter to get some periodic thoughts from me, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to collaborate.

Thank you for joining me.

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